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Hier liefern die Entwickler spannende Hintergrundinformationen zu Civilization IV.
(Die Beiträge sind in Englisch.)

Great People
September 26, 2005
The implementation of Great People is just one of the many new features in Civ IV. Learn what role they play in expanding a civilization.
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Modding Sid Meier 's Civilization IV
September 20, 2005
Barry Caudill, Senior Producer at Firaxis Games, talks about the extreme moddability of Civ IV and the various tools that modders will have at their disposal.
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September 15, 2005
Learn about the key aspects of religion and how it is a key element to the strategy in Civ IV.
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September 6, 2005
Learn about the enhancements made to Civ IV with regards to government. This entry delves deeper into the elaborate Civics system found in the game.
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